is corian®

DuPontTM Corian® is a synthetic material made from 1/3 acr ylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals.

DuPontTM Corian® by OCR means quality, reliability and practicality.

A valuable choice for those who are looking for an aesthetic, functional, hygienic and exclusive solution.

A quality choice

Corian® allows for unlimited project flexibility and fully fledged expressive and creative freedom. A translucent material, it can be thermoformed and worked like wood, making it particularly suitable for customized, accurate solutions with an exclusive design.
Corian® surfaces provide a pleasant tactile feel since they absorb heat from the environment.
Corian® is totally non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, for complete safety guaranteed by over 40 years of continuous researching and testing.

A reliable choice

Over 40 years of history prove Corian®’s advantages in terms of resistance to shocks, abrasions, temperature and UV rays, for a refined look that stands the test of time.
Corian® can be brought back to its original state, as it is homogeneous throughout its thickness. Most damages can be repaired on the spot, so that the surface acquires again its original hygienic and polished look.

A practical choice

Corian® is a non-porous, perfectly homogeneous material, with inconspicuous seams. Corian® surfaces are perfectly hygienic, safe, easy to clean and maintain.
And this is unmistakably proved by the use of Corian® in the healthcare and catering sectors, where attention to these details is crucial.
In the bathroom, Corian® is the ideal solution to prevent even the minimum formation of mold, scum or bacteria.
OCR stands out for his excellent Corian® processing, with a constant eye on the advances of materials engineering research in the solid surface sector.
This is why OCR makes its skills available to clients for the processing of the following solid surfaces.